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A collaborative effort to build a science fiction and fantasy world, based in obsolete science and any ideas people have to fit into what it is! Come on in, and help us build this world!

Since the dawn of time, man has looked up at the sky with wonder. What are those lights in the sky watching us? The answer was not known until long after they were given a name - they are stars. After centuries of exploration and advancement, mankind broke through the gates to the heavens with the aid of the Philosopher's Stone, which was discovered on the moon of humanity's homeworld, Terra.

But mankind was not alone. The Aether of space was full of species far and wide, the galaxy a bustlng city of unfathomable size. The Philosopher's Stone was not something humanity was exclusively privelaged to, it soon turned out. The capabilities to create and destroy both matter and energy, ignoring the long-standing alchemic rule of equivalent exchange were astounding.

For centuries war ravaged the cosmos, until eventually the various species of the galaxy forming a peace treaty. This peace treaty led to the Philosopher's Stones being shattered to worthless fragments and scattered across the galaxy to prevent their destructive capabilities from ever being used again, security forces put up to prevent them from being reunited.

But rumors are abound that if the stones are brought together, they will allow for whoever has them to go to the galaxy's center, where the Elixir of Life is said to be. Any individual to hold all the stones combined, and the Elixir of Life, would become a god. Immortality coupled with the power to destroy and create anything that they wanted, no one alive could stop them.

This is the Odic Panacea. Life marches on.

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