Map of Terra with ice caps in 3245

Terra is the homeworld of humanity, located in the Sol System of the Alpha Quadrant of the Galaxy. Humanity, one of the Early Space-Faring Species, has a history that is obviously intertwined with the history of the planet Terra, stretching back thousands upon thousands of years. Currently the planet is beginning to enter an ice age. The current population is thirteen and a half billion beings, ten billion of which are humans.

Terra is divided up into seven independent nations that work together through the Confederation. It has five major landmasses - Nordonia and Sothengard east of the Pax Oceanus, Lemura to the west of those two, the island-continent of Greenland, and the largest continent known as Terra Prima. Humanity originated in Terra Prima, and spread throughout the rest of the world. The continent of Lemura is currently the head of the Confederation, and it is where the Philosopher's Stone was initially discovered.


Humanity was not the only intelligent species to evolve on Terra. However, before it had made contact with the species that evolved in the Isthmus of Pan they had gone extinct. Throughout humanity's early years, prior to the discovery of alchemy there have been many wars. This article will not attempt to document the majority of humanity's history, but instead talk about humanity and Terra in general.

Humanity is a bipedal, carbon-based race that has advanced fast by galactic standards. While other species have advanced faster, it is still remarkable. The five continents of Terra were all settled by humans before history was recorded, and human culture is very varied, as are most species.

Interestingly, between the discovery of alchemy there in the 300s Pre Atomica and the mid-100s Anno Atomica humanity was on a very self-destructive path. A massive use of fossil fuels turned Terra into a hotter world than it should have been naturally, and after the great floodings of the 100s AA humanity transitioned to a cleaner fuel system. When the Philosopher's Stone on Terra was discovered, a clean energy based society was easily obtained.

Terra was ravaged by the War of the Stone, though, and massive changes to its surface was reported. No maps of pre-war Terra are around now, but the reports are supported by geologic evidence.