Felinxians are one of the extraterrestrial, sentient species in the galaxy. Their name is a combination between the English word "feline" and one of the Felinxian words. (This is, of course, a name that humans use for them. They refer to themselves in their own language)

Many years ago, they have also discovered alchemy the Philosopher's Stone, like many of the other sentient race. From there, they have developed many traditions and customs around it. It had also led to the creation of Magi-nology(combination of magic and technology, which usually revolve using alchemy for things to happen) and the Devil's Rose, a type of flower whose ink can be used to apply to a person as tattoos. It amplify the bearer's alchemy power, but will causes the person's sanity to deteriorate until they become nothing but a demon of mass destruction and chaos. The effect can be countered by injecting serum harvested from Angel's Bloom, a counterpart of the Devil's Rose.

In regards of safety, Devil's Rose and Angel's Bloom are regarded as narcotic and illegal substances. The field that are being used to cultivate these plants will be burned and the peoples who plant it will be arrested. However, Felixian outlaws will just keep cultivate them and smuggle them to make big bucks.


As their species name suggest, they are humanoid cat-like people, with their appearance greatly resemble many of the Terra's felines, ranging from a domestic housecat to a tiger. Not to mention, this is the reason for their name.

Felinxian usually have many characteristic that are similar to Terra's feline species such as slit pupils, tails, moving ears allowing expression of emotions